A Better Solution

The CloudConnect desktop uses a different kind of transfer protocol than other remote desktops. This protocol allows for a more secure, effecient connection that easily overcomes latency issues.

The CloudConnect team's expertise, and leveraging of enterprise partners such as VMware and Citrix, create a desktop and infrastructure experience that is comprehensive on the back end, and easy to use on the front end.

Cost Predictability

You will never run into any hidden or unexpected fees with CloudConnect. The platform was built with businesses in mind that need to have a stable platform at a stable cost. All actions that other platforms might charge you on like backups, snapshots, ingress/egress charges, etc. are built into CloudConnect's bottom line. What you see is what you get.

If you'd like to learn more about how CloudConnect pricing works, you can follow this link to be brought to a blogpost that further breaks down pricing.

Verified partners

CloudConnect works through a network of qualified, experienced partners. Although the platform is not sold directly to end users, the positioning CloudConnect is in allows you to be matched with a partner that is ideal for you. Whether this means a partner in your area, a partner that's worked with businesses like yours, or a potential partner you can recommend, CloudConnect takes the time and the care to properly vet them so they can deliver the best service possible.