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Get Started with CloudConnect

A Comprehensive VDI Solution at Your Fingertips

A scalable VDI solution is at your fingertips. CloudConnect owns and manages its own infrastructure to provide the best performance within a scalable and highly available platform. Provision new user groups and add desktop users. The scalable design means that your users are ready to go within a minute's notice.

Partnership for Success

We believe that by doing everything within our power to help partners succeed, we in turn will succeed. This is part of the reason why CloudConnect has grown to be a trusted channel provider. Attend an Orientation Tutorial and see if CloudConnect's technology fits your needs. Then, take advantage of the training modules and utilize your assigned CloudConnect technician to help onboard your first user group. 

Service Level Agreement

CloudConnect is fully insured and indemnifies partners against CloudConnect datacenter and infrastructure faults. CloudConnect's Service Level Agreement ensures a reliable and consistent level of service, protecting from downtime and ensuring that you always look great in the eyes of your client.

Simplified Pricing and Billing

Transparent monthly billing and a web-based Pricing Calculator eliminate any guess work with proposals, pricing, and billing.